IWS Objects

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The Integrated Warehouse Management System- IWS comprises a group of separate but integrated modules, all built around a powerful master-data management system specially designed and developed for small and medium-sized enterprises. The modules can be combined with one another. you may purchase only those modules you need without being forced to implement all the modules. IWS takes into account the characteristics of performance and utilization processes of small and medium-sized enterprises. In order to take these characteristics into account, business processes in the fields of Sales, Production as well as Warehouse Accounting were analyzed and optimized within the framework of the design and process re-engineering. IWS is the result of this practice-oriented design and development.

During the development of IWS, the main objective was to develop a solution that considers the specific needs of small and medium-sized enterprises as far as supply-chain management is concerned. Therefore, IWS is a toolset designed to optimize business processes without increasing the inherent administration costs. This occurs by speeding up business processes such as receiving goods, invoice control, stocktaking and the automation of routine work such as determining gross requirements on the basis of sales forecast. IWS is not only an instrument for rationalizing the operative business processes. It delivers management information on enterprise requirement planning and controlling, e.g. inventory reporting, sales input and variable gross margins. IWS covers all the sectors from requirement planning to sales.

During the development of IWS, particular importance was attached to the security of the system against unauthorized access by third parties. In order to ensure data integrity, all processes that modify data are carried out via a transaction, so that they are at any time consistent. IWS can access any common database by means of JDBC (Java Open Database Connectivity).

Studentenwerk Bielefeld "Student Union?s catering service" in Germany has successfully implemented IWS and thereby optimized all of its business processes ranging from requirement planning, disposition, purchasing and inventory accounting since February 1995 and January 1996 respectively. The Student Union?s catering services of Düsseldorf and Siegen, both in Germany, have also optimized their flow of goods by implementing IWS since October 1996.


Optimization of stock begins with an exact determination of the material requirements for fulfilling a customer?s order. The pre-requisite for this is reliable requirement planning. The Requirement Planning Module administers and maintains basic and process bills of material. A bill of materials may contain any number of articles or sub-bills of material. Beginning with the menu, the gross requirement of material needed to prepare these meals is determined with the help of bills of material. When bills of material are resolved for the determination of the gross requirement, not only the raw material and the required quantity are determined but also the due date, i.e. the date on which the goods must be available in the warehouse for the production to timely take place. This date is computed per article while taking into account the article?s disposition time, delivery of the warehouse as well as that of the working calendar.

The determined requirement per cost center corresponding to the delivery trip is cumulated. A package or order form is produced. This note contains information about which cost center needs what goods, when and what quantity. It is the basis for the disposition. When planning the menu or, to be more exact, the bills of materials, the price is immediately calculated and displayed on the basis of the current floating average prices by using pre-calculation. This enables cost-conscious planning of bills of materials.


The sales of an enterprise are multilayered and cover a wide range of processes and functions. The Sales framework gives you all the relevant applications for smoothly processing contracts and controlling sales. Cash management and the workflow, for instance belong to this category. Interaction between the applications makes this simple: for example, automatically compile a contract from an offer. Simply skip the classic routine of processing a contract via commissioning and delivery up to invoicing by immediately creating accounts receivable out of a sales contract. Or create collective commissions in order to boost more efficient commissioning. The possibilities are diverse: the choice is yours. Furthermore, IWS® will offer an innovative Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in future, in order for your enterprise to achieve increased customer satisfaction and hence customer binding. How do you notice this? For instance with a connected Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)-database, in which the required data, be it sales or procurement, is available having been processed according to the Star-scheme. From this data-pool, use IWS® to compile statistics and evaluations which you can further process for example with Microsoft® Excel or other Office-products.


The sales sector benefits most from optimizing processes. Here, general processes were automated to such an extent that only the period in which orders should be placed is needed. IWS does the rest.The pre-requisite for the automatic processing of orders is maintenance and administration of the delivery contracts with suppliers. IWS-Sales supports the user in maintaining and administering price requests, offers and delivery contracts. During contract negotiations, the purchaser can refer to IWS?s valuable information constantly updated due to integration, such as turnover through the supplier in the last quarter, the last six or twelve months. IWS-Sales is based on Requirement Planning. It retrieves goods requirements created by Requirement Planning and thereby determines order-proposal lists

that contain order-relevant data:

  • - Article
  • - Gross amount of requirements
  • - Stock level
  • - Stock available
  • - Delivery price (if valid delivery contract available)
  • - Supplier (if valid delivery contract available)
  • - Date of delivery

    IWS-Sales allow you to structure and to administer sales information and thus enables automatic generation of order-suggestion lists and orders.IWS-Sales reduce orders to merely entering the period in which orders should be placed. IWS does the rest for you.