IWS Objects

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Individual Software Solutions

- Individual software for individual projects - We have many years of experience in the field of software product-development. We are preoccupied with the analysis, concept and optimisazation of business performance and performance utilization processes. Our strength is the production of individual software solutions ? tailored to your projects.

Tailor-made software design

We regard ourselves as partners in the context of concept, development and integration of new, forward-looking software and system solutions . We have since 1995 been delivering to our customers tailored solutions that are successfully and reliably applied for extensive types of problems from various fields.

Our consulting services are trimmed to optimize business processes and to increase profitability. At the beginning of consultation therefore, the priority is an extensive analysis, whose results build the basis for the concept, project and the software-design.

A practice-tested approach

Most mistakes in the development of software and complex systems originate from errors related to understanding of the problem to be solved. Because of this, we use a methodical and practice-tested approach to analyze logistic processes. This approach has proved its worth in many year?s experience and built a concrete basis for the implementation of respective solutions.

We look forward to the challenge of your type of problem!