IWS Objects

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IWS masterfile is the foundation of the IWS suite. Its capabilities include the ability to enter journals online or in batch and post them to the general ledger, open item and interunit accounting, allocations for flexible distribution of expenses, support for multiple currencies, average daily balance calculations, consolidations for combining the financial information of multiple operating entities, flexible year-end close processing, maintaining budgets, and robust financial reporting.

Some strengths of IWS General Ledger include the following:

A flexible chart of accounts

  • An unlimited number of ledgers
  • Effective-date financial information
  • Outstanding financial reporting tools including integration with Microsoft Excel.
    Its table-driven design and flexibility, coupled with the extensibility inherent in all IWS products, make PS/GL a viable option for most organizations. It is designed to take on the characteristics of an organization and then grow with it as business requirements change